In 2007, GFL commissioned its Fluoropolymer facility at Dahej in Gujarat, India. The Dahej facility manufactures Fluoropolymers, Chloralkalis, Chloromethanes and commodity chemicals.


Through its vertically integrated facility, making it one of the most efficient producers of Fluoropolymers globally, GFL produces wide range of Fluoropolymers at the core of its businesses with a growing capacity utilisation resulting in growth and expansion into whole range of Fluoropolymers and Fluoroelastomers.

Expansion of Fluoropolymers Product Portfolio

In the year 2019, GFL expanded its monomer and polymer capacity with the aim of catering to the rising demands of its products across geographies. Subsequent to achieving success in the global PTFE markets, GFL extended its presence in other Fluoropolymer products with gradual introduction of new Fluoropolymers in our portfolio, leading us to become one of the preferred suppliers globally. Our backward integration provides us asolid competitive base to compete in PTFE, FKM, FEP, PFA and PVDF markets with application areas in top twenty industries across the world.